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Psychic Circle ~ Souls Entwined

Sunday, March 1, 2015

First Book Reviews

My first two book reviews are in:

The Psychic Circle ~ Souls EntwinedTAYLOR JONES SAYS: In The Psychic Circle ~ Souls Entwined by Debbie Cocchio, Rachel is a young clairvoyant who is considered a freak by her high-school peers. Then Rachel meets Billy, another student with psychic gifts who teaches her to expand her abilities. Together with some other gifted students they form The Psychic Circle. But things get scary when one of the group sets her sights on Billy and isn’t afraid to use black magic to get what she wants.

The Psychic Circle, Souls Entwined is a coming-of-age story with the added twist of teens with magical gifts. The plot is strong and has a number of surprising twists and turns, enough to keep you turning pages.
                             I give the book 4.4 Stars.

REGAN MURPHY SAYS: The Psychic Circle ~ Souls Entwined revolves around a teenage girl with psychic/magical gifts that cause her more trouble than they’re worth. When she meets Billy, another student at her high school who is also gifted, the two of them hit it off right away and Billy begins to teach her how to use her unusual abilities. Just when she begins to think that having psychic gifts isn’t so bad after all, the potion hits the fan, so to speak, when Rachel’s BFF, another gifted student, decides she wants to take Billy away from Rachel. And she’s using the dark side of magic to do it.

Cocchio has a fresh and unique voice, and her characters are realistic as well as charming. The book is exceptionally well-written for a debut author and should prove a riveting experience for YA and new adult alike. I’m giving The Psychic Circle, Souls Entwined 4.6 Stars.

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