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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cover Crazy hosted by The Book Worms

Cover Crazy is hosted by The Book Worms it is a weekly meme. Admiring Book covers what the meme is for - showcasing the prettiest covers you can find!

This week I'm crazy for .... 

  Okay, so I’m promoting my own cover. I just couldn’t pass on this. The cover artist did a fabulous job! I just love the way she took my idea and ran with it. The magical hands are hovering around a magical moon or crystal ball. The background has that electrical, magic feel with an air of mystery about it and the left hand holds the magical amulet that helps the main characters travel back in time. Awesome!
    With a magical amulet in hand, three friends are whisked back in time to the Salem Witch Hunts, a terrible time in U.S. history. When Tituba, the Paris' slave, secretly teaches the children a lot more than housekeeping, like voodoo, fortune-telling, and spell casting, it leads to utter chaos in the village. Ultimately, Emily, Megan and Ben uncover a hidden secret which may alter the course of history.
    Can they get the villagers to see what's really causing the fits and tantrums before they get accused of being witches themselves? Follow the friends on a fantastic adventure as they uncover a mystery when they travel back in time.
    For further information go to -
Magic By Moonlight by D. L. Cocchio

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