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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Writer's Groups Help

For years, my writing friend told me that she belonged to a writer's group that consisted of Romance Writers. She encouraged me to join a group because it really helps when you critique each other and you grow as a writer. And for years, I was always busy and didn't want to make time for such a thing. Now that I have time on my hands, I have joined She Writes, like I mentioned. I honestly didn't know what I was missing. It is so comforting to talk with a group of like-minded people. They are actually going through the same stuff I am going through. We help each other out with our writing, give suggestions, critique and support. I've actually been becoming a better writer! So I encourage you to do the same if your passion is writing. Hook up with a writer's group - you'll thank me.


  1. Ha Ha what did I tell you D.L.?? So glad you are reaping the benefits of a writer's group. It is wonderful! -- Beth